Theo Hollins Photography | 2015-08-12 Birds of Botswana
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I hope you will appreciate this virtual tour of Botswana highlighting its birds. Africa is known for its rich landscapes, and its stunning variety birds and animal wildlife. I photographed this gallery while aboard a small boat, as this safari was a water tour. Each of the birds shown herein live alongside the water. Water fowl often have vibrant colors, and some of these birds are unique to Africa.

Birds are a favorite subject for many photographers, because they are challenging to photograph. Their size makes it hard to obtain a sharp focus, while they are in flight. Birds often pose on a branch while their photo is taken, but catching a fish, or bird-in-flight shots are more interesting. One of the eagles shown was carrying his lunch, but I cannot identify his catch in the picture.

Please take a few minutes to leave your comments on the website. Some day, I hope that you will visit to see this first hand. However, you are welcome to browse my photo collections, as often as you wish to explore other lands.
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