Theo Hollins Photography | 2015-08-09 Soweto
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The Southwest Township, a.k.a., Soweto was Nelson Mandela's home town before his incareration as a politcal prisoner. The township's people seem to share a sense of pride, and we never experienced any signs of danger, that can be commonplace a similarly poor urban environment in America.
People seemed friendly and content to live in freedom. We saw the evidence of poor living conditions that our tour guide called informal settlements, which is more politically correct and respectful of the plight of the poor. You will notice side street barbers, cutting hair outside, while ladies are getting a hairdo refresh or a new look.

A well dressed couple was walking hand-in-hand with their infant child; presumably on their way to the Seventh Day Adventist Church that I photographed a moment later. I photographed a gathering of Christians in all white gowns worshiping out of doors at sunset.

A man was scrubbing the whitewalls on his damaged pickup truck's tires. He clearly had a sense of pride in ownership. The people were often smiling and welcomed us, and they had an uncanny way of noticing tourists.
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