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Marcia and I have visited the zoo in several states in America, however, Johannesburg gave us an exhilarating triple dose of vitamin Z!

We have been to the zoo in Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, and other places, where each has a collection of exotic animals confined to artfully decorated landscapes or cages. We also visited the Paris Zoo in France during our 2014 European tour. We found the typical zoo animals and facilities, as found in the U.S.

We traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa in August 2015, and enjoyed our first wildlife safari. A zoo cannot compare to wild animals roaming the African landscape, where the struggle for life is engaged in a natural setting.

We were told that tourists will occasionally under estimate the dangers presented in the wild, and the outcomes are sometimes fatal. Patrick, a local cultural expert and our tour guide, provided us a safe passage among Africa's wild animals in a very natural setting.

We saw the loin king mating with one of his lioness queens, as a group of bachelors roamed together, possibly awaiting an opportunity to dethrone the king.

Africa is the real thing. It is the birthplace of life, as it has existed since the dawn of civilization. We had a close encounter with mother nature's wild beasts, and they are beautiful.
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