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Thanda, an African word, translated into English, means "Love".

Thanda Afrika Safaris is operated by Nkossie, who is pictured on the cover of this gallery. I could not imagine a future visit to Zimbabwe without contracting his tour company. He is still working to provide me with insights about Zimbabwe, through his comments about my photos.
Nkossie and his co-worker were both professional, but they acted more like old friends who were proud to show and tell us about their homeland. Their knowledge about Zimababwe is outstanding, and to my surprise, took us away from well-worn tourist attractions to introduce us to native Africans. We were taken to a cultural village where an extended family lived, worked, and cultivated the land.
Crispen is the leader of this settlement. He is pictured wearing an IOWA State sweatshirt. He spoke english with a local accent that was easily understood. This experience was a dramatic contrast to life in America, and I truly had no idea what to expect. There were no flat panel televisions or even running water, but they seemed healthy and they are sustained by their native lands. Electricity would be a luxury, but necessity finds another way.

Crispen shared insights into their livelihood, and indicated that they needed a water supply pipe. Our group contributed money to help Crispen and his family. We hope that he was able to get the water pipeline into his village. It felt good to give direct aid for such a vital need. It was apparent that mother nature has taught them ageless survival skills.

I learned that if a snake enters a round building it cannot linger in a corner, in fact it will circle the interior, only to find the exit. Elephant dung (poop) is a useful resource that provides energy for a campfire, building materials, and to persons knowledgeable to extract them, poop has medicinal value . It can also be used for paper products and many other things. Africans use their natural resources in many ways that are sustainable and harmless to the earth.

Americans should take note: Do more with less and use sustainable solutions.
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