Theo Hollins Photography | 2015-08-12 Botswana - Crocodiles
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Africa is the birthplace of animal and human origins, and we saw diverse species of bird and animal wildlife in Bostwana. The African crocodile shown here is an ancient creatures that testifies to its survival instincts. However, one of my tour mates was very experienced and far more concerned about the large hippos, who are known to upheave and tip over small boats; leaving people fending for their lives in dangerous waters, and no less danger existed on shore.

I was excited to see these prehistoric looking creatures, and we were close enough that I could count their teeth through the camera's lens. I would estimate the adult crocodile in these pictures was about 14 to 18 feet long, and that was almost the length of the small motorboat that we were bouncing around in. Surely, these massive reptiles could consume a man of my stature.

Yet, I was trusting our tour guide's judgment, and photographing them without any concern about danger. However, our boat could have been upheaved by one of the hippos that was patrolling these same waters, and they were lounging nearby on shore. The hippos will be presented herein, but in a separate gallery.

It was great to see so many of these creatures in the wild, but it is also good to be safely at home.
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