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Natural art is the beauty of a single glance, unopposed and spontaneous. My task is to be aware of that moment and to capture it forever. This is the simple essence of the wedding experience, and great photos can bring it back to life every day.

As a wedding photographer, I must develop a rapport with each couple and help them focus the camera upon their romantic adventure, rather than themselves. A couple represents the center of the universe on their wedding day. They must stay in focus with their mate, not a camera.

Imagine a life event that is filled with every human emotion. The happiness, tears, laughter, and outrageous fun are the wedding. The ceremony is the business of formal agreement. Lifelong romantic commitment is the most significant of all human experiences. How will you remember that special day?

Monique & James

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Created 23-Jan-10
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Monique & James

Michael & Rebekah's Engagement Party

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Michael & Rebekah's Engagement Party

2013-08-04 Michael & Rebekah Hollins

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2013-08-04 Michael & Rebekah Hollins

2013-05-25 William & Kandis Jackson

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2013-05-25 William & Kandis Jackson